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Accommodation Specials

Please contact the owner/manager listed on the property's detail page for a reservation, property information or questions concerning the special.

The Summer House Inn

Pre-season SPECIAL!  Opens June 19th! 

Any room $75/night.  Great location, relaxing ambience!

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Englewood 2B The Newman Suite

Special for weeks 6,7 and 8!
$2,800 a week plus taxes and cleaning fee (regular summer rate of $3,000 per week).


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The Tally-Ho & Mardelle Manor Efficiency Specials!

Special: $1295/Week for two or 25% off for the Full Season!
Efficiencies available at the Tally-Ho and Mardelle Manor.
Call 954-901-8241

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Everett Jewish Life Center

Special: Week Nine (Aug 20-27, 2022)
25% Discount.  Book Today!

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